Writers Self-Assessment



Oneof the accomplishments I have obtained since joining WaldenUniversity is acquiring prowess in my writing process and skills.Even during my elementary school years, I have always liked writingfor fun. For example, I used to keep private diaries and journalsabout my daily experiences among other events. However, ever since Ijoined the university, my writing skills have been elevated a notchhigher. Based on the writing class lessons, I can state that I haveimproved my writing skills to reflect on the institutional andprofessional goals of college-level papers.

Literacyskills are one of the significant achievements I have made in thewriting process. After mastering these skills, I can currently read,comprehend, and respond to passages providing a clear summary andanalysis of the ideas that the author of the given text presents(Walden University, 2017). Additionally, the writing process asempowered me to the levels that I can attribute different ideasborrowed from learning materials to the original author. As a result,most of my finished written work depicts a well-substantiatedcollege-level material (Mauk &amp Metz, 2013). For example, I wrotea literature review paper and scored a straight A, and my professorwas impressed with the way I incorporated outside sources such aspeer-reviewed books and articles in the essay.

Iconsider critical thinking as one of my major strengths whenever I amwriting a college assignment or paper. The skill helps me to respondto questions and tests with well-demonstrated ideas from researchmaterials (Mauk &amp Metz, 2013). Moreover, I view my ability towrite essays that show progression and connections of ideasthroughout the paper as another key strength of my writing.Similarly, generating documents that have correct grammar, spellings,word choice, and sentence construction, as well as punctuations isalso another strength I have depicted from my writing skills andprocess (Mauk &amp Metz, 2013). However, I am still improving on myrhetoric analysis of texts, especially those from the nursing field.As a result, I find this sector as one of my weaknesses in thewriting process.

Overall,I am grateful that I am a member of the Walden University community.The college has nourished and cultivated a writing culture in me thatI was unaware I possessed. Presently, I can be proud to state thatthrough the written assignments I have accomplished and the feedbackI have received from my peers and instructors, I am a better writer.I have the capability to compose college-level papers that can beread by various audiences in the professional and ordinary world.


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