Impacts of Becoming a Mental Health Counselor


Impactsof Becoming a Mental Health Counselor

Impactsof Becoming a Mental Health Counselor

Impactsof the Experience to My Personal Life

Aftera successful completion of my program as a mental health counselor, Iwill develop the practice of ethics which is related to the conductof a professional in this field. This ethic will help me in improvingmy professionalism and develop a new perspective of my potentialclient. The program will enhance my cultural diversity from thetraining that I will receive while undertaking the program (Archer&amp Cooper, 2016).This aspect will improve my interrelations skill and will help me inaccommodating the cultures of different people, some of whom amexpecting to be my client.

The program will help me in comprehending the theories, researchpractices skills and assessment of research in this field which amexpecting that they will impact in my professional life. This skillwill improve my research field and theoretical explanations ofresearch work. The skills will form the foundation of myprofessionalism in research a field that is integral in Mental HealthCounselling. In addition to this skill, I also expect to developstrong communication skills which will be built by my involvement inhelping people through my profession.

TheMajor Gain from the Experience

Inmy experience as a Mental Health Counsellor, the major benefit that Iintend to achieve is the research and theory practices (Archer&amp Cooper, 2016).I consider this to be my most significant experience since I intendto major in the scientific research in the field of mental healthcounseling.

Theexperience will help me in conducting a universally viable andaccepted research work. My aim is to extend the available knowledgein the field of mental health counseling by conducting the research.I also aim at providing information to the future researchers whomight be interested in doing their research in the similar subjectsas the one that I will have covered.


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