Grant Writing

The process of writing proposals often needs specific steps that willdescribe the entire problem and solutions too. In this case, they aresupposed to entail facts and statistics that capture the severitywhile the solutions should be more personalized to that problem. Thisessay provides a comparison of two Statements of Need and how theyshould be improved.

The Statement of Need on pgs. 264 – 265 provide a proper analysisof the situation that students are undergoing. It gives a deeperillustration of the problem and reveals how the students have adifficult time trying to stay in school (Guide to Proposal Writing,n.d.). The report also captures the causes for such behaviors and whythe students need positive role models and positive behavioralprograms to change their understanding of school and education. Italso shows the facts associated with the dropout rate and suggestshow supervision, counseling, and collaboration can be helpful in suchsituations. Perhaps, it can add more statistics to prove how theproblem is quite severe and ensure that the solutions are morepersonalized and unique too. On the other hand, the Statements ofNeed on pgs. 23-26 talks about the challenges that students facewhile trying to read (Guide to Proposal Writing, n.d.). It gives thefacts that describe the extent of the problem in the society, but, itwill need to be much more specific evidence and credibility of thesolutions. However, the first one provides deeper information thanthe second one which does not offer enough guidance on the problemand how it will be handled. The first proposal will make properchanges and guide the students in achieving more goals.

In conclusion, the first Statement of Need seems more applicablesince it has provided enough evidence and facts to support theimplementation. In this case, the proper analysis reveals how themeasures can help the students in focusing on their education andreducing the rate of dropout. The second one needs more informationand statistics too.


Guide to ProposalWriting: Developing the Proposal: The Statement of Need