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Informationis paramount in our current society, for it influences the targetaudience in one way or another either directly or indirectly. The actof capturing the attention of the target audience is often achallenge to many people. The message often has to be conveyed at theright time, condition and to the right audience for it to have atargeted impact. In this paper, we shall analyze how the speaker canimpact the audience through personal experiences, knowledge, andresearch to capture their attention and also give a summary of myfavorite readings this week.

Making anImpact Through Personal Knowledge and Experience

The advantagewith personal knowledge and experiences is that the speaker hasfirsthand information about a certain topic of interest, making themhave the right confidence and influence to their audience (Lucas,2008). The speaker can utilize stories, which impersonate him/herexperiences to keep the audience interested and create emotionalappeal. Also, the speaker should act natural, and relate his/herinformation with the existing facts but must add a personal touch toit, that way the audience can relate and also gain some insights fromthem.


Researchedinformation is also vital for it provides facts to a story, presentsthe existing problems and the potential solution to them. The speakercan utilize researched information to identify gaps that need to befilled in a certain area. Research also adds ideas to the topic thatthe speaker is addressing, and gives a wider scope and understandingto it (Lucas, 2008). The researched information should alwaysoriginate from credible sources to avoid misinforming the audience.Adequate research on a topic can enhance the confidence, and he/shecan freely ask the audience to refer when the given information isnot clear or adequate.


The readingsthat I found interesting is material gathering and speechorganization. To begin with, most speakers are not always confidentwhen presenting their work because they do not gather adequateinformation regarding a topic. I have learned that an effectivespeaker, always has all he/she requires, and it takes a lot ofresearch and dedication if one wants to make an impact. Also,speeches are critical for it reflects someone’s stand on aparticular issue. Therefore, it is very crucial for one to beorganized in the way they present their speeches, and also ensurethat the topic is relevant to the audience, if he/she wants tocapture their attention or create influence.


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